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Back SEO Agencies is THE SEO reporting software that SAVES agencies money.

Starting an SEO agency is expensive. Many reporting tools require a monthly fee or charge you based on the number of clients you have.

With Back SEO Agencies, you can generate UNLIMITED reports without additional fees or long queues. Additionally, Back SEO doesn’t get access to your data, so both you and your clients are protected.


  • Organic Search Analysis
  • Local Search Analysis
  • Basic Website SEO Auditing
  • White-Label Report Generation
  • Fully Customizable Themes
  • Plugin Support
  • More!
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Unlock These Features

Why Back SEO?

Back SEO is a native application on your computer, not a web app on someone else’s. Unlike a web app, all data put into the Back SEO application is stored ONLY on your computer. This leads to better speeds, better data protection, and no purchasing tokens.

Quickly Build Reports

No more worrying about the cost of building reports for your clients. With Back SEO Agencies, you can build reports for:

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Local SEO Clients

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Your agency

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Sample Reports

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The Back SEO Difference

The difference between Back SEO Agencies and other SEO software is that Back SEO isn’t a SaaS or a web app. While other SEO software makes you pay monthly to generate white-label reports that show the map & grid, Back SEO Agencies allows you to run the software directly on your own computer, meaning you never run into queues, and you never have to pay monthly for building a local SEO report.

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Our Prices After 5 years
  • Unlimited organic SERP analysis (included)
  • Unlimited Local SEO rank tracking (included)
  • Unlimited website analysis reports (included)
  • No Monthly Fees
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Their Prices After 5 years
  • Daily organic SERP analysis ($19/m OR $1,140/5yr)
  • Daily Local SEO Rank Tracking, 5 3x3 Grids ($24/m OR $1,490/5yr)
  • Monthly website analysis reports ($19/m OR $1,140/5yr)

This is only accounting for 1 client, more clients means you pay more

Also note that these are all separate tools.

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Get Started In 3 Easy Steps!

Put in your Agency Information & Change Output Directory

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Put Client Information In

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Select What To Include in the Report & Start!

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Find the Reports In Your Selected Output Directory!

Land More Clients

Use Back SEO Agencies to easily demonstrate the value of Local SEO services. You can show prospects:

✅ Organic Rankings

✅ Local Search Rankings

✅ Website Errors

Start Landing More Clients

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Agency Services

Back SEO Marketing Software wants to connect with YOUR agency, and give YOU the advantage of Local SEO and marketing. Get in contact if you need multiple copies of Back SEO.


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